What we do - our services

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Language is complex. Machines help. Humans make it perfect.

Peritus works in those industries and subject matter that to this day require highly skilled human linguists. This includes marketing, advertising, legal, quality assurance, concordance testing, audio and video quality assurance, and other areas where you need a professional, trusted, experienced partner. We utilize technology where it helps, but our team of linguists know where to draw the line and when their brains are all that matters. 


Translation services and more

Building bridges through language. We and our trusted team of hundreds of linguists around the world have provided professional translation, editing, proofreading, and related graphic design for our clients around the world. All our linguists are under contract which is not always the case in agencies in our industry. We know our team. We have been working together for often more than 10 years. 

Our primary focus is marketing, advertising, legal (including investigations and discovery support) - work where an experienced, thinking, human professional is essential. 



The majority of our transcription work requires a high level of precision for quality assurance for high end marketing video, interviews for case studies, and especially working in support of the courts for legal cases.

Our transcription and translation process goes beyond the usual rote work. We work with thinking individuals, both transcribers and translators, who will alert our clients of important aspects of a recording be it positive or negative, or if our clients are looking for specific information, we can often decrease cost and shorten production time.