Our favorite clients - many of whom we may not name...


Advertising & branding firms, corporate publishers

We have worked for some of the most innovative, creative branding and advertising firms and are proud that they trust us with their challenging projects.  We also have long-standing relationships with premier publishing houses in Germany, the US, and beyond. We often work in the background, but the results are visible globally. 

Global corporations (service, IT, etc)

Firms who need a confidential resource to handle sensitive material. Legal. Pre-launch. Marketing. Advertising. Brand name research. We would love to brag who these clients are, but we take confidentiality seriously. 

Law firms. Investigators. Public Defenders.

Same story as above. Our clients trust us. They know they can rely on us to keep the data we work with under wraps. The same goes for our subcontractors who are under contract and who we have known for years. 

Financial Institutions / Life Science / Survey companies

These are all industries that cannot risk errors in their international communication. They will choose a reliable, trustworthy resource like Peritus to handle their all-important foreign language needs.

The fun stuff ... toys and consumer electronics

We maintain some long-standing relationships with companies such as http://www.creativityincorporated.com/ and get to see the creative side of our linguists when we help to give toys and consumer products a multilingual voice. 

Public success stories we had the privilege to work on ...

Dr. Hurbert Burda 

Diary on the Digital Revolution: Notes from 1990 - 2015

Anniversary book of one of Munich's premier hotels:

Begegnungen - 175 Jahre Bayerischer Hof 

The Boston Consulting Group - by Bolko von Oettinger et al. 

Clausewitz on Strategy: Inspiration and Insight from a Master Strategist